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External timber Sanding and Polishing

Deck Sanding and Staining

Outdoor timber deck sanding is an important step to take when protecting decking, including the areas surrounding your spa and pool.

Sanding and polishing create a cleaner, fresher appearance while preventing damage to you and your family from splintering wood.

The wood fibres can also become raised after power washing as they expand with water and often remain elevated, causing splinters. Because of this, you should plan on sanding your wooden deck after power washing and before re-coating it with your chosen products. Sanding is a crucial step that will ensure your refinishing job gives you extraordinary results!

Why you should choose a professional company

A well-maintained deck can create a beautiful outdoor area for socialising with family and friends. It can also significantly increase your outdoor living space and increase the resale value of your home. For these reasons, it makes sense to have a professional company to keep your deck looking new and will ultimately save you time and money. Making maintenance trouble free is particularly invaluable.

A professional deck maintenance company will have invested a large amount of funds into buying the best sanding and polishing equipment to get outstanding results. Hiring machines yourself is unlikely to offer the effects that a professional company will obtain. Other imperfections with the timber will also be managed appropriately. Because the company you hire has experienced, trained experts, you will experience less dust and disturbance to your life.

The sanding and polishing process for your outdoor area is a craft that deck specialists have mastered over many years. Meticulous and precise sanding removes mould, fading, dirt, oil, old products, splintered wood and any damaged areas of your decking. Correct sanding by a specialist will ensure that the wood will stain evenly.

Polishing of wooden decking following sanding brings out the best in the wood, making it look fresh and regenerated.  Many options are available to you for polishing. A finishing product provides protection and gives a beautiful appearance. Coatings, such as oil, wood stain, and wood wax oil will also coat the decking and penetrate the wood for a high degree of protection. Having an expert will guarantee that the best choice of product is applied to the timber, and superior products are used.

Choosing Deck Revivals Services

Sanding and polishing of your decking will be undertaken with maximum care. Deck Revivals use only premium products, and we achieve outstanding results. Our products are safe and extremely durable.

Our Sydney based company specialises in servicing and tending to outdoor decking. We believe in making your outdoor maintenance cost-efficient and trouble-free. Our diligent and trustworthy team will make sure that you experience minimal disruption and as little dust as possible.

Our experienced team will provide exclusive equipment and the highest standard of workmanship to keep your deck looking new. Your decking will be safely cared for with our fully insured company. It is our job to ensure complete customer satisfaction with our comprehensive range of services and products.

We look forward to your inquiry today.


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