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Deck Repair

Deck Repair Sydney

Addressing any deck repair issues before they become a major construction project can save you time and expense.

Regular inspection, repair and maintenance, of a wooden deck are necessary to keep it safe, functional, and looking great. Having a beautiful outdoor area will bring relaxation and pleasure to family and friends.  A regular safety check for wood damage is essential for safety and protecting your investment.

A checklist will involve:

  1. Look for evidence of rot. Areas that appear spongy or soft will need to be repaired or replaced. A deck that’s rotting or missing fasteners, or moving when you walk on it, may be dangerous.
  2. Check the deck for splinters or sinking.
  3. Check the ends of the boards for warping.
  4. A comprehensive check of all boards, railings and stairs for strength and stability.
  5. Check for insect damage.
  6. Are there loose or protruding nails or screws?
  7. Is there mould, staining or wear and tear that needs addressing?

A professional deck maintenance company will provide a complete inspection of your decking and will reassure you that your outdoor space is safe, clean and aesthetically appealing.

Why a professional decking company?

While it may seem simple to repair decking yourself, choosing a company with experienced professional specialists is likely to be a more cost-effective option. You will save money and time by hiring an expert to ensure everything is done correctly, and your deck will then meet important safety guidelines so you can enjoy it for many more years. When your contractor inspects your deck, they will be able to tell you if it can be repaired and what is involved.

Your repair company will also replace or fix any missing or protruding nails or screws that will be necessary to ensure safety. Any nails that extend above the decking will be punched back carefully into the decking before any remedial work is started. If screws are extending above the decking, they may be left, (unless boards need replacing) as renewing the screws is time-consuming and sanding over them may be the most cost-effective option. Nails can also be replaced by screws if recommended by your specialist repairer.

If mould, rot or instability of boards are found, these areas may need to be replaced. Replacing boards involves removing screws and nails, inspecting joists and removing damaged wood, applying sealer, reinforcing joists, replacing deck boards, cleaning and staining the areas.

Many other reasons can compromise the safety of decking, which is why it is vital to employ a professional to inspect and repair your investment.

Choosing Deck Revivals Services

Our specialist technicians will have your deck repaired and treated quickly and efficiently. The coatings will also be fast drying, and we guarantee superior quality.

Repairing and restoring decks is our field of expertise, and we are the professionals to take care of your outdoor space. Our workmanship is excellent, and we use highly developed methods.

We will always keep you informed, throughout the entire process. You will receive the highest standard of workmanship, and we will ensure you encounter minimal disruption.

Our company is fully insured. Our team only use superior products to give you a premium finish to your decking. We have a comprehensive range of services to keep your deck looking beautiful for many years.

Please call or email us for your enquiry.


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