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Deck Oiling and Staining

Best Decking Oil

Decking oils protect and nourish the natural colour of wood on your deck and wood stains will add tone. Both oils and stains have their benefits.

Typically, what differentiates oils from stains is that a stain will complement the appearance of the decking by changing the timber colour; in contrast, an oil will enhance the current colour if you want to leave the wood unchanged.  Therefore, if you wish to improve your timber with a new colour, or if your deck is very weathered, a stain could be a great option.

Deciding whether to choose a water-based or oil-based wood stain is the next step. Both products have advantages. Water-based stains dry quickly, give off less odour and can keep their colour for a longer length of time. Oil-based products can penetrate wood more extensively and give a more organic looking finish.

Choosing a professional decking company will be a cost-efficient and stress-free choice when undertaking your deck restoration.

Why does my decking need Oiling or Staining?

Some people question why wood should be finished at all as some wooden structures have lasted for many years. Although this can be true, most wooden structures will not endure if left unprotected.

Due to the weather and the wood itself, rot can develop, and the timber will deteriorate until it completely disintegrates. Another consideration is appearance. Natural wood does not retain its colour as sunlight turns all timber yellow or brown, then eventually grey. Following the initial colour change and greying, further changes will develop slowly. Dark woods finally become lighter and light woods darker.

Damage from sun and water penetrates the decking and makes it alternately expand and contract. Then it goes through wetting and drying cycles, leading to surface breaks, which can then develop into cracks.

Another problem with bare wood is mildew. If a surface is left unprotected, mould will cover it, making it look grey or black then the wood takes on a mottled look. The decking becomes visually unattractive and can be a reason for allergies in some people.

Choosing Deck Revivals Services for Finishing your Timber Deck

Deck Revival’s deck sanding, cleaning and staining services will help you achieve the ultimate polished deck your desire. We will determine which product and preparation you need without delay.

Having the expertise and experience will reassure you that the correct product has been applied to your decking to give you beautiful results. Using only safe, durable and premium coatings will provide you with a superior finish that will promote longevity and outlast many other products.

We can simplify upkeep for you by implementing a maintenance program established by our team.

Our company has a comprehensive range of equipment, tools and coatings to care for your investment safely. Our products will dry quickly to ensure that your deck can be completed and ready for use soon after.

Regardless of the extent or era of your project, you can rely on Deck Revivals to give you a stunning professional finish to your decking. We cover all areas throughout Sydney, and our results are affirmed.

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