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Deck Maintenance

Maintaining Your Deck

Building a deck is one of the most universally recognised home improvement projects in Australia. Decks are great places to entertain, cook, or relax on your own.

Deck maintenance is imperative if you want to keep it looking great, performing well and preserve your investment. Just like the space inside your home, it needs frequent cleaning and maintenance to remain livable and safe.

While natural timber can be left to weather to a lovely grey, natural decks might not always age beautifully or uniformly. A deck that is regularly treated will look superior and outlast an unfinished one.

Most wooden decks will require a reasonable amount of maintenance over their lifetime because they are vulnerable to the elements all year round. All decks, regardless of the climate or variety of material they are created from, require some degree of maintenance to retain their look and structural integrity over the years. While rain and moisture present a clear threat to a deck’s longevity, it’s the constant exposure to UV rays of the sun that exact a particularly harsh toll.

Those made of composite materials require less upkeep than wooden decks. However, they still need cleaning and have a finite lifetime. It is a valuable idea to develop a routine of maintenance that will protect your deck and prevent expensive repairs.

Regular maintenance and cleaning will help to extend the life span and enjoyment of your outdoor space. Frequent washing of your deck dislodges dirt and mould from the timber surface, thereby keeping your timber looking clean and reducing discolouration. Once a year is a minimum and every six months is preferable.

Choosing a deck maintenance company

Because you build a deck to enjoy its benefits having inexperienced people to maintain your deck is not the best way to care for your asset.  A quality deck maintenance company will offer the best suggestions for your specific situation to help you get the longest-lasting finish possible.

Before you stain a deck, a professional sand and clean is needed to remove any remaining stain, sealant, dirt and grime. A commonly seen issue with power washing that professionals see is homeowners who use an excessive amount of pressure and cause splintering and other damage to the wood. Staining a deck can also be a time-consuming job.

A professional maintenance company will use the most suitable products, equipment and skill giving you high-quality investment protection, rapidly, efficiently and at a modest price.

Why choose Deck Revivals Services?

We offer a comprehensive range of maintenance treatments for your outdoor timber structures, including pool decks, spa cladding and garden seating.

Our skilled professional team is committed to giving you the best results. We use only high-quality products and will work quickly, productively and safely.

Deck Revival Services are comprehensively licensed and insured, and our workmanship is fully guaranteed. Having access to a wide range of specialised equipment and products will ensure your investment obtains the best methods of treatment.

We have an ongoing commitment to providing superior service to our clients and we cover the greater Sydney area.

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