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Deck Renovation

Deck Renovation Northern Beaches

Deck Revivals specialises in providing professional finishing or refinishing of your deck to ensure your deck renovation is completed efficiently and successfully. Deck Revivals will supply you with old fashioned quality workmanship, utilising modern and state of the art technology with up to date techniques and materials. All we do is care for and service exterior timber decks (and associated structures), so you can be reassured that your deck is well looked after.

Our deck renovation service is efficient and cost effective. With years of knowledge and skill, we will repair, and maintain the structure and look of your deck in no time.

Signs Of A Deck Renovation

There are a few common signs that are a clear indication that your deck may be time for a deck renovation.

Loose Deck Boards

When you walk on your deck, you may notice the boards slightly wobble and can feel like you will fall through your deck at any time. Do not neglect wobbling boards as this can become a serious issue if not attended to straight away.

Timber boards that are aging can become warped and therefore loosen themselves making an unsafe deck.

Water Damage

If you see any signs of water damage or rot to your deck, contact Deck Revivals immediately. Spongy boards are often a clear indication that your boards are subject to rotting. If the rot is on one spot it is important to renovate the surrounding area to ensure no rotting has been spread.

Wear & Tear

If you notice any general damage to your timber decks, this can happen over time as general wear and tear. Cracks, holes or various damages can be an indication that your deck is to be repaired, or replaced.

Mould & Mildew

Mould can typically be a normal sight in small areas of your deck as it is subject to constant moisture and generally will not affect the integrity of your entire deck. Some timbers are more prone to mould than others.

Faded Deck

Over time deck coatings will wear and fade. The finish can peel, wear off and encourage your timber boards to fade, as well as forming stains as the sealants protect it from dirt and other various stains.

Old Age

Decks should have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years (sometimes much longer), depending on the quality of your deck materials and workmanship, and how well it has been maintained over time. Deck Revivals will renovate your deck to bring it back to life.

Deck Maintenance

It is highly important to maintain your deck to ensure it will last you years. Neglecting a damaged or broken deck can become a bigger problem forthcoming if not attended to straight away. Deck Revivals can make a site visit to your property, repair and renovate your deck to prevent any potential serious damage.

If your timber deck is subject to moisture, it will be important to regularly maintain your deck with waterproofing sealant to prevent board swelling and wrapping.

How Much Does Deck Renovation Cost?

The cost of renovating your deck will depend on a range of factors. These include the size of your deck, location, condition and layout of the deck. For the exact price of deck renovation, contact Deck Revivals today


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