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Deck Restoration

Deck Restoration Northern Beaches

When you live in Sydney bringing your indoor living out into the open air is improved with a beautifully stained wooden deck to share with your family and friends. A deck creates additional space for entertaining or just for relaxation. Regular restoration will keep your investment looking beautiful and fresh.

Regular use of your deck and weather changes will inevitably cause deterioration and lead to a situation of disrepair, and before too long it will become vital to carry out some form of maintenance. Having an effective deck restoration plan in place can help you restore your yard’s centrepiece to its original condition quickly and efficiently.

Many homeowners have a perception that a DIY product can offer a professional finish but are often disappointed in the subsequent months as the timber was only cosmetically treated and not sufficiently restored.

Common signs it is time for a deck restoration:

1.Stains and Defects

Stains will destroy the aesthetic advantage of wooden decking, and if they are not removed, they can erode through the protective seal and lead to peeling of the protective material. When the wood becomes exposed to moisture, the timber will then decay.

2.Damaged Boards

Common causes are due to ordinary wear and tear which can occur quite regularly in high traffic areas. Look for splits in the timber, as these pieces will fracture if the pressure continues to be exerted. Those boards that are already split or broken should be repaired straight away. Leaving them unattended will lead to further damage or, someone injuring themselves on portions of protruding wood. Individual boards can be fixed or replaced quickly.

3.Dry Rot

Occurs due to a moisture source and regardless of the climate you live in, dry rot can be a frequent cause of concern. If it is left untreated structural damage to your decking can occur. Apparent signs of dry rot include shrinking boards with dark stains, fungal growth, and a damp, musty odour. Untreated boards are susceptible to this as they lack a protective coating.

4.Loose Nails and Screws

Loose or prominent components are a conspicuous sign that it is time for deck restoration. People should be deterred from using the deck until restorations are made, to avoid any injuries.

Why Use Deck Revivals Services?

Deck cleaning, staining, preservation, renovation is our central objective. Our equipment and methods are correctly set up for deck revitalisation and ongoing maintenance.

By protecting the wood from the elements, your timber will look great for many years. We aim to provide the best timber care for your deck along with, oilingdecking repairs, non slip timber surface finishes, nail punching, timber painting and decking stain replacement.

Our highly skilled professionals have the knowledge and contemporary expertise to assure you of an expert and economical project.

Deck Revivals are the specialists for finishing or refinishing your deck in the greater Sydney area. Our superior standards will achieve outstanding results, and our premium quality products are tried and tested for the Australian environment. We can provide a progressive maintenance program in addition to individual treatments for select occasions.

A professional finish from Deck Revivals Service will assure you of a perfect result from the outset and continued enjoyment of your outdoor area.

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